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Following extensive field trials, proving its reliability and robustness, mobile data specialists EMS Ltd have today announced that Jackson Civil Engineering (an Ipswich based construction company which operates throughout the UK) have implemented i-MO.

This success follows similar recent purchases by First Engineering Ltd, Shepherd Construction Ltd and Coventry City Council (Mobile bus).

The i-MO solution is perfect in providing organisations with an effective data communications capability on day one of any given project. This is critically important in situations where the installation of conventional ADSL or leased line connections is likely to be unacceptably slow, prohibitively expensive or quite simply impossible (e.g. remote and mobile locations).


According to Neill Pawsey, IT Manager at Jackson:


“i-MO is the first solution we have seen that appears to address all our requirements in terms of speed, reliability and cost. Arguably the start of a contract is the most critical time for the receipt of construction information, drawings, specifications, etc. i-MO can be delivered and configured to provide immediate site data connectivity.”

EMS Capabilities

EMS specialises in improving productivity by supplying cost effective, instant secure data connectivity at remote, temporary and mobile installations. The i-MO Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) appliance uses two independent cellular (3G) connections that are combined to provide redundancy, super fast download speeds and low latency. Data transfer speeds of up to 14.4Mbps are possible with HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access).

The purpose built i-MO appliance can be pre-configured with a secure Virtual Private Network to provide instant secure data connectivity. The fully managed service includes a help desk and remote diagnostics to quickly resolve any issues.

EMS also supply Broadband, Telecoms and Mobile solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP). For more information on how we can provide a solution to your communications problems, please call EMS on 01428 751655