Always on internet connectivity now a reality in Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Electronic Media Services Limited is delighted to announce that its award winning i-MO™ range of routers and associated agile network management software OptiBond™ is now available in Egypt and throughout Middle East and North Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Andrew Lambert commented, “We have targeted a number of overseas markets where our UK designed and manufactured communications products can play a key role in helping businesses get a fast and reliable Internet connection where traditional fixed wire connectivity is not available”.

EMS has proven in many markets and applications that their award winning range of i-MO OptiBond routers solves these connectivity issues preventing organisations from getting on with their everyday business communicating by email and exchanging information files.

“We have been delighted that this year the support from UKTI has enabled EMS to participate at exhibitions in key growth area for us particularly in the regions where fixed line infrastructure is poor and unreliable, leased lines can be very expensive and the growth of mobile base stations has been explosive.

As a direct result of these exhibitions, we have signed distribution agreements with:


Sistrum Group, based in Cairo, Egypt… where our router and software solutions have been approved by National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.


Celmore Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, covering Pakistan, Afghanistan and Dubai through their group company High Speed Telecom.


Damian Hinds MP, said, “I am delighted that a local company is leading the way in helping organisations and businesses overcome challenging connectivity issues. The UK designed and manufactured range of i-MO OptiBond routers from Electronic Media Services shows real innovation.

This is a great example of UKTI support helping UK business open up and expand in new overseas markets that are showing signs of rapid growth.  Facilitating the growth of local businesses and therefore employment is one of my core areas of interest.”