i-MO Documentation

Welcome to the i-MO Documentation area of our website. 

The following documentation is available to view and or download. 

Current Product Hardware Installation Guides

210 Hardware Installation Guide small i-MO 210 B Series
Hardware installation guide Version 1.0

pdfDownload1.99 MB

210 Hardware Installation Guide small i-MO 210 C Series
Hardware installation guide Version 1.0

pdfDownload1.99 MB

310 Hardware Installation Guide small i-MO 310 Series
Hardware installation guide Version 2.0

pdfDownload1.15 MB

540 Hardware Installation Guide small i-MO 540 Series
Hardware installation guide Version 2.0

pdfDownload1.11 MB

Previous Generation Product Hardware Installation Guides

540 Hardware Installation Guide small i-MO 520 Series
Quick Start guide Version 1.2

pdfDownload720.21 KB


i-MO Client and Concentrator Software

The i-MO software can be accessed from our protected website area.

Access to this area is protected and can only be accesed by users who have an account.

Please click here if you have an account.


Typical areas of interest for our i-MO Bonding routers include the following:

  • Construction Site Broadband
  • Construction Internet Provider
  • Construction Site Wi-Fi
  • Building Site Broadband
  • Broadband for Housebuilders
  • Event Internet, Event Broadband
  • Event Wi-Fi, Exhibition Wi-Fi
  • Exhibition Broadband
  • Exhibition Internet
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Emergency Broadband
  • Broadband Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Disaster Recovery
  • Logistics Broadband
  • Logistics Internet
  • Supply Chain Broadband
  • Bonding 3G router
  • Bonding 4G router
  • Bonding DSL router
  • Bonding ADSL router
  • Bonding LTE router
  • Bonding Internet connections
  • Bonding WAN router
  • Bonding VPN router
  • Bonding satellite
  • 3G Broadband router
  • 4G Broadband router
  • Load balancing 3G router
  • Load balancing 4G router
  • Load balancing DSL router
  • Load balancing ADSL router
  • Load balancing LTE router
  • Load balancing Internet connections
  • Load balancing WAN router
  • Load balancing VPN router
  • Load balancing bandwidth
  • Broadband bonding router
  • Increasing bandwidth
  • Portable Internet Broadband router
  • Mobile router 3G
  • Mobile router 4G
  • Mobile Broadband router
  • Video streaming
  • Remote video streaming
  • Video bonding
  • WAN aggregation router
  • WAN acceleration
  • WAN optimisation
  • Network resilience
  • Network redundancy
  • Failover ADSL to 3G-4G
  • Failover 3G-4G to satellite
  • Site to site VPN
  • Site to site network
  • Stream live video