Connecting the Mobile Service industries.

Mobile service providers routinely have to operate at constantly changing locations. Providing a secure instant operating environment, with full data connectivity is vital.


Mobile Service Industry Focus

Whether you provide mobile library, health screening or council social services the ability to connect to your standard applications is paramount. i-MO OptiBond™ overcomes the latency issues traditionally associated with satellite communications which means avoiding issues when running your critical interactive applications.

Having the ability to bond multiple data channels to provide a secure, resilient data feed is something many organisations in the sector spend a lot of time and effort looking for.

The Solution—100% Internet Reliability

i-MO OptiBond™ Professional Bonding Routers address the issues of maximising available bandwidth and 100% resilience by aggregating and balancing your combined internet access, with additional low cost DSL services and/or mobile SIMS.

Our unique OptiBond™ software enables you to easily prioritise critical applications such as VPN, VoIP etc. through your strongest channels.

Our automatic failover/back feature means if one channel goes down, internet will always be available.

EMS,  as the originator of commercially available Professional Bonding Routers which simultaneously bond different cellular networks plus ADSL / satellite have significant experience in this area.

Our Professional Bonding Routers, also act as an ‘All–In–One’  solution by enabling up to six WAN connections and up to five concurrent VPN connections and also operates as a local server to enable printing, file share etc.

As pioneers of cellular bonding technology, we have more experience than anybody else in the sector and have over 50% of the top 100 UK construction companies using our technology.


The i-MO system is working very well on the bus. It is a great relief that I do not have to worry about ‘line of site’ as we did with the previous satellite solution. We can now, generally, park the bus anywhere and still connect to the internet…..brilliant ! The performance is also superior to our old system. It is so nice to just switch on and forget.

Gary Earley speaking for Thurrock Adult and Community College


i-MO™ OptiBond ™ Capabilities

  • Multi-award winning Load balancing, broadband bonding router.
  • Automatic fail over and back from primary channel, in less than 60 seconds.
  • Multi- port for fixed line, cellular and satellite input giving maximum resilience.
  • Can be used as an alternative to leased lines, bonding dsl lines together.
  • Boosts MPLS speeds
  • Vast range of configuration options to suit your business needs.
  • Cellular capability of up to six SIM’s, all from different networks and continuously monitors connections, automatically selecting and bonding the best performing cellular.
  • Provides instant secure data connectivity at remote, new or temporary locations, with up to 5 IPSEC VPN’s.
  • VOIP options (up to 20 handsets).
  • Can be specified with built in storage , so can act as local file server if required.
  • Wi-Fi and multiple LAN/WAN inputs and WAN optimisation
  • Automatic back up.
  • IP- CCTV
  • Unique ‘VMWare’ based concentrator, minimising unnecessary hardware investment.

Connectivity Management Console

The OptiBond™ Connectivity Management Console, allows for ' software defined networking' and includes a dashboard that quickly shows the status of i-MO™ appliances. The user can drill down to detailed reports on

Typical areas of interest for our i-MO Bonding routers include the following:

  • Construction Site Broadband
  • Construction Internet Provider
  • Construction Site Wi-Fi
  • Building Site Broadband
  • Broadband for Housebuilders
  • Event Internet, Event Broadband
  • Event Wi-Fi, Exhibition Wi-Fi
  • Exhibition Broadband
  • Exhibition Internet
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Emergency Broadband
  • Broadband Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Disaster Recovery
  • Logistics Broadband
  • Logistics Internet
  • Supply Chain Broadband
  • Bonding 4G router
  • Bonding 5G router
  • Bonding DSL router
  • Bonding ADSL router
  • Bonding LTE router
  • Bonding Internet connections
  • Bonding WAN router
  • Bonding VPN router
  • Bonding satellite
  • 4G Broadband router
  • 5G Broadband router
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  • Load balancing 5G router
  • Load balancing DSL router
  • Load balancing ADSL router
  • Load balancing LTE router
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  • Load balancing VPN router
  • Load balancing bandwidth
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  • Increasing bandwidth
  • Portable Internet Broadband router
  • Mobile router 4G
  • Mobile router 5G
  • Mobile Broadband router
  • Video streaming
  • Remote video streaming
  • Video bonding
  • WAN aggregation router
  • WAN acceleration
  • WAN optimisation
  • Network resilience
  • Network redundancy
  • Failover ADSL to 4G-5G
  • Failover 5G-4G to satellite
  • Site to site VPN
  • Site to site network
  • Stream live video