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Cheltenham Festival RacesThe Sporting Index Road show is a familiar sight at many sporting events throughout the year. Until now Sporting Index struggled to find a way to get reliable datacoms at events where there are no broadband wi-fi hotspots. A situation, which prevented them showing changing odds easily to their clients.

The Cheltenham Festival provided an ideal venue to trial i-MO. Set up took less than 20 minutes and i-MO provided 100% connectivity throughout the event.

The i-MO solution is perfect for providing organisations with an immediate and effective data communications capability. This is critically important in situations where the installation of conventional ADSL or leased line connections is likely to be unacceptably slow, prohibitively expensive or quite simply impossible (e.g. remote and mobile locations).


Fred Eates, Head of Business Development at Sporting Index:-


“Having previously tried a data satellite system, which did not prove reliable enough, we were keen to investigate the alternatives. We have had too many occasions when the satellite signal has failed leaving us with no internet access. The level of responsiveness, support and reliability during the trial (and subsequent events) has proved that i-MO was the right solution to choose.”


Andrew Lambert, Managing Director of EMS, commented:


"We are delighted to see the successful use of i-MO in new areas. Outside events of this type are a significant departure from our traditional construction industry market. It also shows how robust and versatile a system i-MO is.”

EMS capabilities

EMS specialises in improving productivity by supplying cost effective, instant secure data connectivity at remote and temporary locations. The i-MO Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) appliance uses two independent cellular connections that are combined to provide redundancy, super fast speed download speeds and low latency. Download speeds in excess of 1.5Mbs and upload speeds of 512Kbs are possible with HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access).

The purpose built i-MO appliance can be pre-configured with a secure Virtual Private Network to provide instant secure data connectivity at your remote sites . The fully managed service includes a help desk and remote diagnostics to quickly resolve any networking issues. In the unlikely event of a hardware fault the service includes the supply of a pre-configured replacement appliance, shipped direct to your site. There is no need for you to send anyone out to fault find.

i-MO can provide you with instant secure data communications from under 13.00 per day.

EMS also supply Broadband, Telecoms and Mobile solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP). For more information on how we can provide a solution to your communications problems, please call James Deadman on 01428 751655

About Sporting Index

Sporting IndexSporting Index is recognised as the world leader in its field, having captured approximately 70% of the UK's sports spread betting market. Based in Kennington in SE London a large percentage of their clients are London based. To increase the opportunity to recruit more clients the Sporting Index Sales team have been out on the road with their roadshow since 2004.

This is a mobile marketing unit complete with Plasma screens showing live bets being taken in the office and live sport being shown on flat screens; laptops provide full internet access to our website for existing clients to utilise or for demonstration to prospective clients. The team are able to talk to prospective clients about spread betting, how to open an account, the possible pitfalls and the huge rewards that can be had from this form of betting.

Now a familiar site at more than 20 race courses across the UK and Ireland, numerous cricket grounds and some of the top Golf Courses such as Wentworth, the unit is dependent on a strong reliable source for internet access. The i-MO box sits in the unit and provides excellent internet access wherever the team finds itself.